Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Social Illness

Herewith a note on Romney's infamous killer quote.  Yes, it was first taken out of context.  What a surprise?  But like so many other common political slaps, that overlooks the worst in the remark in favor of going for a quick hit. 

Others have made a similar observation a little differently.  So, here is why I bring it up again.  It is personal, Mr. Romney, you spoiled son of wealth.  My mother, like many others today, is into advanced age and needs a significant amount of care and medical service.  Although it is somewhat a struggle, she gets along.  This is only partially the result of my older brother's consistent, if not constant attention, and my own help; it is mostly because of Social Security and Medicare that my mother and millions more can continue to live in dignity, even in years of steepening decline.

And those are the salient words, Mr. Romney.  Both of them.  Dignity and decline.  My mother's situation encompasses both.  But if we were to accept your callous and ideologically blind prescriptions for throwing every social issue on the tender mercies of raw, greed driven free market capitalism, most of us would be condemned to an inevitable demise at the merciless hands of your reactionary dogma.  People who can hardly negotiate their own personal toilet unassisted must never be thrown into the parasitical and wasteful maw of the private health insurance industry.

Here's wishing you a long and untended life.

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