Friday, April 6, 2012

The Turn For Home

In the last post, we spoke of the loss of Martin Luther King, Jr.  This is the day another man made the ultimate sacrifice in service to the rest of us.

I know to many this sounds blasphemous.  Many of those lost souls adore Ronald Reagan, who campaigned against Medicare relentlessly, while on the payroll of GE and other Corporate Plutocratic interests, as LBJ was working day and night to get it passed.  They also tend to think the wrong side won the Civil War. They worship false idols, and celebrate Easter.  Now, how's that for blasphemy? 

For the real moral majority, a word about the long race.  Yes, we stumble, get boxed in, cut off, sometimes even thrown from our horses, but we keep getting back in the saddle.  One day we will make that big turn for home, and finish the race against all odds.

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