Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hanging Fire

Really hope I'm wrong, but I think you can forget Tuesday.  It won't be over.  Not for a long time.

A big part of me wants to say it could have been decided then, had ZerO at least shown up for the first debate; but probably not.  The fascist machine was going to have to pull out all the stops to try to steal this election, no matter what.  How come?

It's their last chance under even the slimmest imitation of a democratic process, that's how come.  Their racist reactionary base, both in absolute and proportional terms, is shrinking, thank God.  This is, in raw demographic terms, their last stand.  It literally is now or never.  Lose now, and next time it's brass knuckles.

But the brain dead 2000 Bush versus Gore  experience alone demonstrated this electoral system is sufficiently screwy that even a home grown, three county, country bumpkin itinerant  legal mouthpiece could tangle it up indefinitely, if asked.

So, you can laugh, go ahead. I hope this call is wildly wide of the mark, but be forewarned that you should keep the seat belt fastened, and hunker down for a rough ride.


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