Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cuckoo's Nest Economics

Any sane person would have to be crazy to put up with this crap.  There are so many aspects of our civil society which could prompt that observation, but I'm not thinking about the right wing political circus of a Republican nominating process, or the U.S. Catholic Bishops' peculiar interest in women's private reproductive rights, or even right wing talk radio.  No, it's the continuing acquiescence to diminished economic prospects which should worry us about our collective mental health.

This persistently constrained economy is the equivalent of a lobotomized future for the American people.  It gives one to wonder if we've all had the prosperity and progress lobes lopped from our cranial cavities.  The scars are everywhere, but everyone seems relieved that the scalpel mercifully stopped short of decapitation.

Generations have been thrown on the permanently un- and under-employed trash heap.  Life-long workers have been separated from decent jobs and made to scrape along in reduced employment circumstances until time finally brings their misery to some sort of an end, and those on Medicare and Social Security are in the cross-hairs. 

The best forecasts hold that at this rate of growth the unemployment rate four years from now will still be around five and a half percent.  And some have the nerve to call this recovery.  Someone needs to rip up the plumbing fixtures, tear off the bars holding us back, and break us free of this asylum.

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