Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dip Two ... Europe And ...

Paul Krugman and other liberal economists have long been arguing that cutting government spending and brutally extracting austere sacrifices from average citizens would only worsen the collapse occassioned by the reckless bizzarro financial rackets of the world-wide plutocrat class.  They are being proven right.  No surprise, they have gotten this whole crisis analysis right from the very beginning. Every conservative claim and prediction has been overturned by experience.  That, my friends, is the great difference between liberals and conservatives: we are right and they are wrong.  The other significant difference is they just lie, lie, lie their asses off all the time.

Europe is now officially in a second recession.  China's vaunted supernatural economic growth engine is emitting sputtering sounds.  And our supposed recovery is weak, tepid, fragile, and suspect.

So, what is the conservative advice?  More punishment for the average Joe and expanded tax/regulatory relief for the plutocrats.  In other words, the very things which crashed the economy in the first place:  neutered unions, declining wages, elimination of private pensions, threats to Social Security and Medicare, and of course the end of unemployment compensation, minimum wage, and - some still say - the prohibition on child labor.  By the way, those lucky enough to have a job should plan to work all the way to the grave.

Meanwhile, the financial pirates are to remain free to pillage and plunder whatever little holdings the average citizen may desperately try to improve in that shooting gallery known as Wall Street. 

There is little room for error here.  It wouldn't take much to burn this whole place down, again. 

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