Friday, May 11, 2012

Clinton Still Gets Out Of Bed Every Day To Lie To You

Remember when Bill Clinton was president and endlessly used to tell us that he got up every day to work his heart out for us?  Well, that was a lie, too.  The ones I have in mind right now are those he told yesterday to a group of graduating high school seniors.

He was here, in New Orleans, to address the Urban League College Track program graduates, all 152 of them.  Each has been assisted by private efforts to receive intensive after school tutoring and college prep training during the last four years.  As a result, they are all now headed off to four year colleges.  Good for them. 

Bad for us though is the political claptrap that sell-outs like Clinton, as well as our own Mayor and U.S. Senator named Landrieu, spread at such events.  They use such small scale, very expensive and exclusive efforts as arguments to support the dismantlement of public education in this country.  They make bogus claims regarding achievements scored by the Charter School movement, which simply do not exist.  They attack teachers' unions for their own political purposes. And they even ultimately get around to attacking all of us as being responsible for the catastrophic condition of the economy, by telling us we are just too stupid or ignorant or inept or whatever to be employed in this high tech savy, uber competitive world. Guess they were just luckier than the rest of us; you know, by being so smart and successful and all.  Please.

Clinton included this specific insult in his talk:  He said the billionaires of Silicon Valley have assured him, as recently as one week ago, that they could hire as many as three million of us immediately, if only we were qualified for the jobs.  That, my friends is not only an ugly insult, it is demonstrably false.  Moreover, the same thing was being said by the plutocrats in the 1930s during the depths of the depression.  Once the government started spending real money to build up for the war effort, stupid people miraculously proved smart enough to be hired en mass, and produce brilliantly effective high tech (for the times) products.  The problem today is that Clinton, and other sell-outs like him, have exported most of our middle class jobs, and think we are stupid enough to let them blame the overall economic decline on us.

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  1. ummm not sure if clinton is to blame here. he was just relaying the msg from the billionaires at SV. you know you're not supposed to shoot the messenger.

    ummm clinton did not export jobs out to other countries. it's business decision of every company that exports those jobs.

    barking at the wrong tree at best. how convenient

    this is not rocket science.