Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stoking The Fire ... Or Capitulation?

In a carefully choreographed two week performance, the dance ensemble of Biden, Hillary, and the new Nureyev himself, Obama, staged a masterful,  political scene switching ballet, which has effectively changed the subject from the persistent economic calamity to a spring cleaning of the darkest corners of conservative psychosis.  Yesterday Obama's insight on the issue of whether all humans are entitled to full human rights finally achieved a complete human genetic encoding.  So, let's all offer him a big "welcome aboard"  the good ship Human Dignity, although there was no indication from the new crew member of any forthcoming effort to help man the oars.

Let's also note that the crowd of youngsters, once all ga, ga and google-eyed over this guy, are no longer "fired up and ready to go."  No, most of them have either been fired or, more likely, never hired, and gone away.  And the lame, only thinly liberal economic program of this administration is directly responsible for this continuing national disgrace. 

Changing the subject is what yesterday's big gay marriage thing was all about, nothing more.  It is truly  shameful that a Democratic President has pursued economic policies so hollow, the even crazier proposals of the plutocratic party sound plausible to average people.  Shades of  Jimmy Carter.  All Liberalism is economic, all else is merely a costume for a masquerade.  Take down the fear of want and scarcity, and all other targets of social failings become softer and more attainable. Miss the main target, and pulling the trigger on other issues is just shooting blanks.

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