Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Proof Is In The Putin

One way or the other, the dictator in Syria, Assad, soon will no longer be free to casually use chemical weapons upon innocent unarmed Syrians in order to maintain his gruesome grip on power. That is the primary pay-off  from President Obama's willingness to accept the cost of doing the right thing.  Another welcome development is that the punk, Putin, has been exposed as the cheap and cowardly little bully he has always been, just another chihuahua with pit-bull delusions. All of this thanks to President Obama.

Obama's decision to step-up to this challenge was easily the most courageous political and moral stand any president has taken since LBJ backed and signed the civil rights legislation of the mid-1960s. And it has proven once again a learning experience for many citizens: in this unforgiving and selfish world, sometimes you do just take what you get, but you always only get what you take. If you want justice to prevail, expand, or even simply persist, you must be willing to fight for it.

That thought brings me to one last notable outcome of this class in political and state craftsmanship: Hillary magically reappeared from hiding just as soon as the game was being decided in Obama's favor. I despise political cowards, and so should you.

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