Sunday, February 16, 2014

Been a long time, I know. But for some ridiculous reason, maybe it's the Carnival Season,  I can't resist commenting on a recent news making and media celebrated item.

Here in New Orleans last week, the previous mayor was found guilty of a stupid number of stupidly petty, graft type offenses in Federal Court, and will likely be disappeared for a decade or more. Poor bastard.

He was plucked from the obscurity of being a cable TV, token African American, upper-level management toy, and thrust into political power by our local white aristocracy and their lapdog media.

He was anti-labor in every way, and hurt all working people as much as he could in the service of his makers. But soon enough, he got pretty flaky and out of control for being completely out of his element. In the end, his makers abandoned him and forswore any responsibility for his grotesque career.

I wish him no ill, for he is as much a victim of this perverse system as those he was persuaded to disadvantage in the service of his makers. Instead, I despise and recognize the real villains as the sell-out, false liberal, mouthy hip, punk narcissist swells who dominate the putative opposition to the power. Jokes and jokers all. Worse, false flag friends; sycophant servants of the enemy, and happy so to be.

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