Monday, February 27, 2012

Black And White

Yes, I know we haven't gotten to St. Patrick's Day yet.  There are still parades and block parties to stage, and lots of green to display.  But these perilous times demand our full attention to the facts.  Everything in black and white, until further notice. 

That applies to everyone except "educated" Republicans.   What prompts that observation is a new post today by Paul Krugman on his blog:  This Tribal Nation.   Please read it, you will be amazed.  I was.  But if you don't have the time to take it all in, here is what it says:  New studies show that the more educated a Republican, the stupider he or she is likely to be.  Not kidding here. This is far too serious.

This means Santroum was right in criticizing Obama for suggesting that all of our kids should go to college.  At least he was right when it comes to Republicans.  Turns out that those Republicans with college degrees are far more inclined to ignore facts and empirical evidence in all matters, in order to cling to their tightly held and incorrect doctrines. They are more likely to be wrong, and absolutely convinced they are right, on all sorts of provable matters ranging from economics to the physical sciences.

An example of such is the claim Santorum makes that most of our problems arise because Satan is attacking this country.  He and other "educated" Republicans really believe crap like that.  All this time I just thought they didn't know as much as they should, but it turns out they don't know a damn thing.

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