Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Driving Snakes

Now that we've survived another Mardi Gras blow-out, we somewhat gratefully return to a quieter and more sober pace of life, as we enter Lent.  However, along the penitent way there appears a rather exuberant interruption here in celebration of St. Patrick's Day.  We do that more or less the same as Mardi Gras; nearly as wild, but much shorter.  We display the green and orange colors in recognition of the contribution of the Irish to our city.

And as St. Patrick is remembered for having driven the snakes from the fields of Ireland, this seems an appropriate time to return to keeping watch on the level of venom in the political arena.  On the Republican side it goes without saying that they are all quite lethal.  It seems that for now Santorum is slithering his way to the top of the pit.  Reports are his so-called Super Pac has just received another one million dollars in a single contribution made by a Louisiana businessman.  That should buy plenty of poison.  If this sort of thing continues, the whole den of vipers over there will wind up driving themselves from the field.

Meanwhile, zerO seems to have things well in hand, at least politically.  He's got it on cruise control and is taking in all the significant tourist stops for a presidential campaigner.  The largely economically illiterate mainstream media are obligingly buying into the "Happy Days Are Here Again" scenario.

But with Europe in or headed for recession, and Greece perhaps ultimately headed out of the eurozone, the potential for wide ranging and dramatically disastrous economic consequences could prove zerO snakebitten after all.

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