Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The End Of The Future Or ... Barack Obama - Working Class Hero

The signs are everywhere.  Good news is only good for not being as bad as it could be, and the bad news is much worse than most grasp.  The signs are hard to read as the lights are going out.  A general stumbling in the blind is desperately clutched at as forward motion.  Welcome to the darkening.

Yesterday, as the Michigan Republican nominating primary was testing voters' preference for the Romney versus Santorum brand of poison, Obama was stumping in Detroit before a United Auto Workers union crowd, numbering some 1700.  He was both bragging about and defending his so-called bail-out of the American auto industry.  Obama correctly observed that his actions prevented the bankruptcy of GM and Chrysler, while the two leading Republican candidates opposed the rescue plan.  He went on to deflect conservative criticism of his actions as payback to his union supporters by reminding the audience that the UAW was asked forced to accept wage reductions, especially for new hires, and benefit cuts for thousands of retirees.  Wild cheers followed.

So, there you have it.  Save your job, work for less, suffer more.  And don't forget to thank me for it.  This is union busting in all but name only.  Tragically, this is from the head of a Democratic party which rhetorically continues to support strong unions and fair labor standards.  Even more egregiously, this blatant extortion of the weakest among us comes as the richest ruling class in the history of the world daily grows ever richer and more powerful. 

We are reduced to siding-in with those who carve the flesh from the most vulnerable.  The young are desperately seeking any kind of employment, too often to no avail, and have no choice in the matter. But at least they can kid themselves that there is still time to get things right.  The old well know they can't do much about it, and are just trying to ride out a tougher and rougher end game.  And just think, we once were a nation which was all about the future for the young and vibrant as well as the older and settled.

Would anyone really care to argue that the system is not broken?

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  1. Right on! It seems no matter how draconian... no matter how "austere"... our supposed liberal leaders' policy decisions actually are, the pressure is always on them to defend such actions from wild accusations of "socialist" tendencies from an ever more rabid right.

    And so each cycle comes with more concessions made and another turn of the ratchet that defines the "center" further rightward. Meanwhile everyone becomes accustomed to newly lowered expectations.

    But hey look the Dow is above 13,000 again so cable news will tell us everything is fixed now.