Sunday, October 14, 2012

Generations Or Choices ... Take Your Pick

So, David Brooks is at his very best in the New York Times this morning.  That means he is almost all wrong, which is as good as he gets.  Usually, like all conservatives, he is simply stupid.

He claims the Biden/Ryan debate was generationally driven.  That is maybe ten percent right.  But then he goes on to claim that Ryan did well, which is a total crock.  All of us who watched the thing know as well as we know our own names that that is bullshit.  Biden wiped ... the bottom of things with the Charmin (Ryan). That is all.

To be sure, Brooks is correct in saying that Ryan is - more than anything else - into himself; that is to say, self-obsessed.  Ryan spends all of his spare time (which for Republican, i.e. conservative, elected officials means most of the day) in the work-out room or gym.  Biden, on the other hand, is the product of far more serious times.  Well, excuse me for thinking the obvious: Biden is of strong stuff and real substance; Ryan is a developmentally arrested, narcissistic, shallow punk. 

Speaking of which, then comes Stephen Colbert on one of the Sunday morning talking head programs and admits that satire without a point is at bottom "skszoid."  For once, I totally agree with the mentally unhinged, rootless, pointless, unlettered, unread, and ignorant, modern satirists like Colbert and Stewart.  They are every bit as much a part of the social illness we confront as is Rush Limbaugh.

To the extent that this whole argument can be generationally divided - which is a very small, but noticeable amount - the irony is that the Biden generation cares a whole hell of a lot more for the Colbert/Stewart generation than those kids have the balls to care for themselves. 

For example, I am about to head out for the Greater New Orleans Labor Day Picnic, which was postponed to this date because of Hurricane Isaac.  Others will be attending second line parades in Central City or the annual Seafood Festival.  I love all three events, as both my social calendar and personal diary reflects.  But, on certain days, one makes this or that choice.  If there is any generational component, well, I am happy to stand my actions against those taken or not taken by others.

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