Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Return Of Zero

Just when you thought it was safe to hold a presidential election again, look who showed up to throw the debate to the plutocrat last night.  You gotta love him, I guess; he's all we've got now.  But would anyone care to tell me why you ever thought zerObama would be better than Hillary or even, oh my, that little bastard maker, John Edwards.

Just when he's daily gaining lead distance in the polls by channeling FDR, he climbs back into his new age, yuppie-fied, new Democrat, third way, lame and blind mindset, and reverses course.  Face it, in his heart he's really not an economic liberal, the only kind there is by the way.  He's never been for steadfast and bold Keynesian economics, absolute defense of Social Security and Medicare, or unions.

Just when you were becoming comfortable that he would battle to the death for the middle-class, he once again reveals his inner sweet surrender to the empty-headed, let's all pretend class differences don't matter in society or politics zeitgeist.  In other words:  "Simpson-Bowles, marry me.  Working people,  plan to work until you drop, and get fucked the whole way from the birth canal to the last sinkhole."

Oh, yeah, we're coming back soon as well.  And not a minute too soon.  Stay tuned or on-line or whatever the proper term of art may be.

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