Thursday, October 11, 2012

Unnatural Natural Enemies ... Or ... You Got A Problem!

The human animal is different.  Thank God there are no more like us ... most others would surely agree.  And if we were truly smart, we would try to be a much different animal in a much better way.

We are the only animal on the planet which pushes other animals to the edge of existence or to absolute extinction for reasons other than nutritional need, competition for territorial range, or fear of predation.  We do it not out of natural instinct and need, but because of the bullshit which otherwise goes on in our heads.

We imagine the most ridiculous crap.  It may be aphrodisiac related or connected to some other silly super-human bio-enhancement delusion.  Worse, it may just be because we want to try it in some new chic restaurant culinary preparation.  Shame.

Oh ..... you want to affect the effete skeptic's pose of the modern clueless period, do you?  Tell it to the scores of  Elephants, Rhinoceroses, Tigers, Sharks, Chimpanzees and legions of other bush animals pushed to the end of life or extinction by ironically self-destructive human appetites and gluttonous, greedy grasping.

We also imagine ridiculous grounds for harboring murderous opinions of other humans. It's all part of the same capacity that makes us the only delusional and most dangerous animal on the planet. 

Think about these things:  It's only 50 years since the enlightening of Vatican II, and reaction now has another dark and firm grip on the Catholic Church, about the same amount of time has passed since LBJ finally forged national legal freedom for all in this country and the reaction is running at flood stage, finally, FDR has not much longer absented the political stage and the Reagan "Welfare Queen" stooges are in the flood lights.  I predict, though, that Joe Biden, a true, and truly good, human being, will expose this punk.  Ryan is toast.


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