Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I have no idea whether Obama will come to fight tonight or not.  I know he personally has the tools.  I know he has the most sacred human social agenda available to him, the defense and promotion of truth, justice and human dignity.  But I also know that the record clearly reflects that he doesn't fully comprehend the reality of the struggle over that agenda. 

For whatever complex tangle of reasons, be they generational, emotional, or intellectual, Obama is not, repeat not,  a genuine liberal.  He has more or less always said that very thing himself.  Just think of the last so-called debate when he mumbled something into the microphone to the effect that his and Romney's views on Social Security are probably not all that dissimilar.  God help us if he ever does have the opportunity to act on what I take him at his word is his real opinion.  We are all sunk.

Thank God that the modern Republican Party is so demonically driven to depths of depravity by its racist core base as to deny it sufficient maneuvering room to conspire with the clueless "liberal" pretender to kill one of the three great domestic achievements of the last century.

 And that century truly deserves to be remembered as the "American Century."  After all, this country in that century rescued the rest of the world from two great wars, led the way in overcoming the debacle of an unregulated capitalist system's great collapse, enshrined twin elements of a decent social safety net, at least for the elderly, and - to our everlasting credit - finally broke through and ended all of the legal structures of racial oppression. 

But today, we find ourselves teetering towards the abyss.  We are stumblingly led by a man with outstanding academic credentials, but no real education.  The lack of education part is not his fault, it is generational.  At the time he went through college, the economic lessons learned during the Great Depression were almost totally written out of the curriculum, and replaced by the bogus conservative nonsense peddled by the likes of Milton Friedman and others.  Such largely explains why Obama is not a true liberal, he was taught a bunch of  conservative economic claptrap, and hasn't yet fully overcome that disability, even in the face of this modern day financial "downpression."  And he is in no sense alone.  Most new age Democrats - from Clinton forward - are likewise ill-equipped to meet the enemy head-on.

Overlay that complex dynamic, one which has whittled down and weakened the determination of a once proud and progressive Democratic Party, with the ascendancy of the modern Republican fascistic edifice, and understand that tonight everything is at risk. 

Let's hope Obama shows he is starting to get it.

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