Friday, October 14, 2011

Not So Cheap Thrills

Judging by the ubiquitous media buys, the money being expended on the local and state elections here in Louisiana is a no expletives deleted obscenity.  So, it follows that someone very familiar with obscene practices, like U.S. Senator David Vitter, is intimately involved.  Vitter is pumping money into fellow Republican Ray Garofalo's campaign in the district 103 House of Representatives race.  Enough even for Garofalo to be running ads on television. 

That is pretty strong stuff for the first primary of a State House race.  Clearly, Chad Lauga has the Republicans scared.  Chad has been polling in first place now for weeks, according to a variety of  surveys conducted on behalf of candidates in other races.  This is a reflection of the fact that Chad is an outstanding candidate, as well as a lot of hard work by Chad and his large team of door-to-door volunteers.  We will all be at it again starting early tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, I think it worth noting that Garofalo's prime commercial interest is in the video poker machine business.  No surprise then that Vitter, a well known patron of prostitutes, would have a natural affinity for someone else who makes a living screwing others out of their money.

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