Monday, October 3, 2011

There's Something Happening Here ... Or, Out On A Limb

Turning points are as alluring and treacherous as the Sirens who vexed Odysseus.  And the risk of plotting a false course rises when all the currents are tossed in a soup of sweaty digital ephemera.  So one is well warned to stay tightly tied and braced to the mast when steering a true turn for home in these times.  We may be making one right now.

The studied indifference or affected ignorance of the mainstream media liars is a good sign.  "The Occupy Wall Street" protest is just starting to gain some recognition outside the so-called social networking world, even though it has been underway more than two weeks, and nearly a thousand have suffered arrest and pepper spray.  Remember how quick the liars were to combust in flames at the very dawn of the Arab Spring?  You have to wonder why it takes them so long to warm up to a domestic resistance movement in the heart of the financial capital of the nation and the world.  Of course, the social media has exhibited a mixture of regard ranging from support and encouragement to condescension and derision.  This is not surprising, it has ever been the case that change comes about by the actions of those who carry the load under the doleful watch of those who standby and carp.

It is true that much like all other rather spontaneous eruptions and expressions of non-cooperation with the powerful and predatory, this movement has lacked direction and leadership.  But that is changing.  Organizational support from unions and other progressive groups is coming on board.  And we may be in for a real excursion in democratic reform incited by the grassroots once again.  As for me, count me in with those who show-up, not the ones who only show-off their aloof disdain for the naive idea that things really can get better.

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