Monday, October 31, 2011

What we know

Here's an old line that always makes me smile, especially on weekends:  "Beer is proof that God exists, and wants us to be happy and enjoy life."   Maybe it's the German or the New Orleanian or the  New Orleans Irish Channel St. Patrick's Day Marching Club member in me that has always responded to that saying, or maybe just the imp.  Nevertheless, at the end of the day, we know there really is no proof. Oh, calm down.  For I also know it is the Catholic in me that insists so; insists, in fact, that we take belief on faith.

We know from the historical record, however, that human social progress is possible.  We know that it has occurred in fits and stops, and, yes, has at times slipped backwards most regrettably.  But the darkest of times have only proven that a new breakout of enlightenment is never foreclosed.  The problem arises from social progress being possible and not foreordained, as things are proclaimed to be in the supernatural sphere.  Hence, it always takes a push.  And I mean a push from us, real people, not beneficent merciful overlords of the eternal ether.

That's where you come in, my friend.  Unless, you for some reason have laid your human heritage and endowment on side the road, there is more to do than eat, breathe, and exist.  The other creatures with which we share this planet know nothing of these things, and so are subject to unaddressable abuse from members of their own orders, as well as ours.  We all know how ugly that can be.  And, unfortunately, we also see how ugly and punishing we can be to one another. 

So, if you can't bring your smug and satisfied self to join or support the activists in the commons today, at least have the decency not to kick them.  They're the only real friends you have.  Just thought this was something you should know.

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