Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The BESE Runoffs ... Or Sudden Death Overtime

Herewith a brief comment concerning the most significant issue to be decided in the next round of voting.  It is offered in response and with my thanks to a commenter who correctly identified it in remarks elicited by my earlier post on the results from the first primary balloting.

Without question, the filling of the BESE seats still up for grabs will determine the fate of public education in Louisiana for at least the next generation.  Unfortunately, I think the outcome is easily foreseen, as well as terrible.  Jindal and the other charter schools promoters/privatizers only need one more victory to control the selection of the next state superintendent, and complete the job of disinvesting in public education, thereby destroying it.  And along the way finish off the the teacher's organization, while freezing their pension benefits in order to sell off the massively well endowed reserve fund to profit their own political contributors and advance their agenda.

With New Orleans Mayor Landrieu completely complicit in all of this, can the outcome really be in doubt?

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