Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bull's ... Eye?

Now, this is rich.   Perhaps not as rich as Herman Cain himself, or as you could be, according to Herman anyway, if you just weren't so damn lazy and committed to remaining poor or simply average.

Pizza star/would-be gospel singer turned political newcomer presidential candidate, Herman Cain, is upset and feeling abused.  He finds there suddenly is a very large bull's eye on his back.  And he took his complaint to the National Press Club yesterday.  Not surprisingly, there was no settlement.

You see, in politics, having a bull's eye on one's back is part of the gig.  There is no place for the aggrieved party to file a complaint.  And, we would hope, most especially not with the National Press Club.  So, all and all, however large the bull's eye Herman is wearing may be, it surely can't compare with the bull s... that comes out of his mouth.

Poor Herman.  He just can't get any justice, unlike the two women who filed charges against him for sexual abuse.  Undisputed reports say they both were awarded five figure sums as compensation for Herman's bad behavior.

Say what you want about men in general, but there is something about these self-proclaimed Christian conservative guys that stands out.  Like U.S. Senator David Vitter  and world famous TV evangelist Jimmy Swaggert with their prostitutes, as well as Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain with their subordinates, there is an undeniable pattern of abuse which depends on buying or bullying women into sexual submission.  So, one can be forgiven for concluding that those who most loudly profess their own moral rectitude, probably need most closely to be watched.

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