Friday, July 22, 2011

Hemingway and New Orleans

A brief aside for a rumination. I neglected to note yesterday was the birthday of the greatest artist in American letters of the twentieth century.

And except that I have for all of my reading life carried him around in my head, I am not aware that Hemingway was ever in New Orleans. Still, I have long believed, at least since the first two years of our marriage when my wife and I lived in the French Quarter, that had he been a young journalist here instead of in Paris in the 1920's when he so movingly portrayed Paris as a "Moveable Feast" during the time "we were young and poor and happy," Paris would by now be a mere afterthought in favor of this wonderful place.


  1. Totally agree about Hemingway's rank and love the sentiment that everyone missed out because he didn't settle in the Crescent City for a stretch.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Glad you are a Hemingway fan, and that you like the idea he would have loved being here, and been even more remembered for being here than he was for being in Paris at that time.