Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Things Are Going Swimmingly

Wow! The Times-Picayune this morning indicates we are once again a high achiever. We made it to number 5 on the list of the 12 cities most threatened by global warming. That's right, we're high on another list, alright, we're just not high and dry. The report says climate change can be expected to put the Gulf at our doorstep. Grab the sun screen and let's all head for the beach! I can hear Jimmy Buffet now, "New Margaritaville Orleans."

What I can't hear is any credible plan to head-off this looming disaster. Oh, there are ways to do it, to be sure, but they all involve money, and lots of it. Investing that money would not only save New Orleans and the other 11 cities, but also create vast numbers of new jobs. Hell, it might even give the next generation and more some hope of having a bright economic future on a livable planet. But it cannot and will not happen so long as the stupidity of short-sighted, greedy right wing economic thinking prevails in the land.

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