Sunday, July 31, 2011

War Of Choice

No, I'm not talking about Iraq or Afghanistan. Although zerObama has indeed chosen to needlessly disgrace his presidency by perpetuating these grotesquely pointless money and blood lettings. Rather, I have in mind his war on the middle class and the poor.

How far have we fallen, and so fast. In only half a lifetime we have abjectly surrendered the war on poverty in favor of taking up arms against the ever growing legions of the poor themselves. And this horror is now being led and fed by a putative Democrat president. In oh so many ways, the Democrats are now every bit as sick and warped as the Republicans and Teacans.

One week ago today, I here asked the president to do something good. Sunday seemed an appropriate day for doing good.  I asked him to tell the Republicans and Teacans to take a hike, and to uphold his oath to defend the Constitution by ordering the Treasury to pay the bills this Congress and previous Congresses had already incurred. I privately hoped he would prove his most die-hard supporters right in supposing that he had all along been pursuing a sort of rope-a-dope strategy to ensnare and whip the evil doing Republicans and Teacans.

Sadly, we now know for certain that those hopes, as well as my request, would be realized in only the most tragic ways.  Turns out zerO had roped himself  (the obvious dope in this strategy) and the Democrats up in knots, and delivered wholesale victory to the evil of right wing ideology.  And, in a very perverse way, zerO decided to do something good on a Sunday, after all. He has today given the poor and middle class one hell of a good screwing.

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