Saturday, July 16, 2011


Welcome to New Orleans Labor Voice. The NOLV blog begins with this post. It is offered as a vehicle to carry the voice of labor in New Orleans on local issues, as well as opinions and analysis of the political economy of the nation and world at large, from the working person's point of view.

The attitude here likely will seem  fairly aggressive, that is intentional. Someone once said that Winston Churchill drafted all the words in the English language, and marched them off to war during the darkest days of the bombing of London at the start of WWII.  History tells us that came out okay, despite the odds at the time. And while the assault on working people today may not be as overtly violent, it is just as serious and dedicated a campaign of violence on our standing in society and our capacity to live and work in dignity and security. Hence, what should be said will be said; more importantly, what needs to be addressed will never be ignored.

After years of  a devastatingly debilitating quietude, labor will have a clear, steady and forceful voice. Working people will reclaim a rightfully dominant, essential and just place in the debate on the important political and economic issues of the day. Conscious and ill-intentioned advocates of right-wing nonsense and hate, and the plutocrats who alone benefit from it, will be uncompromisingly exposed and dispatched with cogent argument and facts in support of the average citizen, desperate to once again enjoy a sense of  fair-play, hope, opportunity and prosperity. While even supposed allies -given to seduction by wrong-headed, uninformed, and misguided ideas, policies, and positions - will be challenged, chastised and corrected. Stick around.

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  1. Fantastic start. Keep it up. Your voice is needed. If you haven't already, create a Facebook and twitter account for New Orleans Labor Voice to help promote your blog and draw people to it. The more you post, the more followers and fans you'll get. It takes a while, though. Be patient with it - but good material will always eventually find it's following!