Sunday, July 24, 2011

Make My Day

Please, Mr. President, act like a progressive, even though by now we all know you really are not one. Just for once, Mr. President, please, please do yourself and the country a favor, and act like you are on the side of the vast majority of the people, not the plutocrats.

This is Sunday. What better day of the week to do something good for a change. Go on, you can do it, I know you can. Tell the Republicans and Teacans to take a hike. Tell them that you will have no hand in their crazed determination to destroy most of what is good and right about America. Tell them you will no longer allow their dirty little schemes against hard working middle class Americans to soil your presidency. Quit the quixotic effort to drain the evil from their ideological swamp, come back to the high ground, and let them drown in their own turpitude.

Let them betray their true goals to the American people. Let them offer up a plan to realize their fantasy right wing economic agenda. Let them demonstrate once and for all that this foolishness relies on, indeed requires, the elimination of social security and medicare.

Get out of the way and let them explain to the American people how attacking the elderly will benefit anyone, including the younger generation. Let them tell the next generation that they can no longer expect to raise and provide for their own children, or otherwise go forward with their lives and dreams, unencumbered by the duty to house, feed, and clothe their own aged parents, as well as pick up the tab on obscenely high medical bills, courtesy of the out of control, rapacious greed of insurance companies, drug companies, and medical providers. Let them try to describe how foisting these ridiculous burdens on current workers will allow them to enjoy a decent standard of living, much less stimulate any semblance of an economic recovery. Please, don't just let these no good bastards try to do all this, make them.

But don't let them push the whole world, along with us, to the brink and over the edge of utter collapse, as they are threatening to do. You took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, the same one that says the validity of the public debt of the United States shall not be questioned. So, do your duty, pay the bills. Dare the extortionists in Congress to shirk their own responsibility, violate their oath, and try to stop you  upholding yours. Just tell them, go ahead, make my day.

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