Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I still have the T-shirt. It says, "IBEW For Obama/Biden." That's on the front, the back says,"Labor 2008." Even then I was dubious and unimpressed. In fact, I admit it, I favored John Edwards, my wife had been with Hillary, and one son actually was always solidly for Obama, while the other son played guitar and painted. That's life.

Subsequent to the truly historic victory, I got the poster. You know the one, it proclaims, "Yes We Did" and it hangs handsomely in my den, even as this is being written.

However,  I could not now be more disappointed or disgusted. At least I thought I could not be until last night when I caught a clip of zerObama explaining to some group of students that he is so into compromise because Lincoln was, too, as evidenced by the Emancipation Proclamation.

Good Lord, here is a guy who not only is not into us, Democrats that is, as stated before by Paul Krugman, krugman.blogs.nytimes.com/, he is not even into American History. A freshman in an American History survey course learns that the Proclamation had nothing to do with compromise, but was a lethal dagger Lincoln had longed to stick in the Confederacy, and he did just that at the earliest, most effective possible time, "freeing" all the slaves he had the power as president to free. Misinterpreting any part of this as some kind of compromise is stunningly stupid or ignorant or both.

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