Monday, September 19, 2011

Bostick's List

Okay, we all like lists.  Simply compiling them helps us focus on items of importance in various areas of our lives.  And once compiled, they help us organize things in our minds and make them easy to remember. 

So, now that Obama is proposing a minimum tax on gazzillionaires to require that the wealthiest in the country pay at least the same rate as the ever shrinking but still hard working middle class, and the Republicans are saying no, let's make a Republican wish list.

Don't want:

Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, middle class, public schools, food and drug safety standards, clean air and water, safe roads and bridges, mass transit, full employment, ... the list is longer than would be their noses if they all turned into Pinocchio.


A tiny upper class equipped with greater wealth than any ruling elite in the history of the world, a burgeoning and ever swelling mass of poor people to use as they wish,  the absence of any type of political recourse for the common citizen, to never again be bothered by any system of fairness, justice, and decency.

How do I know these things are true?  I know it because the exact opposite regime prevailed in our country during the time of strongly progressive tax rates.  You can look it up.  If you want a decent lifesyle for the average working person again, that is a major part of what it will take.

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