Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thank You Note Catch Up

This belated "Thank You" goes out specifically to my sisters in the construction trades, and by extension to all working women.  A week ago today, in the Sunday Times-Picayune, there was an entry I happened to notice on the weekly social calendar announcing the coming Wednesday's 11:00 am meeting of The Metro Republican Women's Club at the Southern Yacht Club.  When Wednesday rolled around, I remembered that blurb and found myself thinking about that event while on the job.

I thought about my hard working sisters there with me.  I thought about them passing up the chance to start enjoying a milk punch cordial, while all dolled up and languidly gazing out over a lazy lake on that calm day, even before the valet had the Beemer parked.  I thought how that newly picked out bauble of bling might glint off their bubbly or martini glasses as they gaily chatted over a shrimp cocktail.

I thought of all this as they trudged through the morning in those rugged and heavy work boots, baggy jeans, faded T-shirts, bandannas and hard-hats.  And I thought I should say, Thank You.

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