Friday, September 16, 2011

The Whole Bag Of Rocks

A fellow named Jesus once famously cautioned against throwing the first stone.  Good advice, for the most part for sure, I would say.  But in the case of David Vitter, let 'em fly and empty the whole damn bag! 

Yesterday, local television station, WWL, reported that Tulane Medical Center, which is majority owned by the for-profit Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), is negotiating with Ochsner Hospital to unload its aging and unprofitable downtown facility located near the site of the new LSU/VA Medical District.  HCA has been running this out-of-date operation at a loss since Hurricane Katrina and is hot to get rid of it.  This is the same "white elephant" U.S. Senator David Vitter recently schemed to push off on the tax payers of Louisiana as part of an absurd substitute for the new LSU facility.  It would have been a player in a scatter-shot assemblage of second-rate, clinic type health providers around the area, which for the most part would have left the poor and indigent without any hope of decent service, and denied the city the most important economic boost in our history.  It is the type of skulduggery for which Vitter might justifiably be awarded the title Chairman of the New Orleans Chapter of the "Let 'Em Die" GOP.

A quick web search reveals that the industry known as "Health Care Professionals" is ranked neck-and-neck with "Oil and Gas" vying for top spot in the list of campaign financial contributors to David Vitter.  One site has them on the very top.  This proves Vitter's continuing interest in the subject of prostitution, despite his pious disavowals.

It's at least a couple of rocks more than enough to give the entire enterprise a bad name.

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