Wednesday, September 28, 2011


They are out of control and eating us alive, literally.  They drain off resources which otherwise could be used to fund better health care results for all Americans, with plenty left over to use restoring economic health as well.  They are the health insurance companies, and they are killing us.  How do I know this? 

The World Health Organization and every other credible national and international research entity tells me so.  And they have all been consistently reporting this bad news for decades.  The United States of America spends more per capita on health care than any nation in the world, and ranks way down the list on overall health outcomes.  Some rankings say we come in around 17th place, the rest are all reporting worse results.  Our own reporting this morning indicates that health insurance companies are raising premiums by 9% for the coming year.  This as Americans in general are accessing care less year after year.  That logically means we will be paying even more while getting sicker, many even dying sooner.

And it is all, ALL, the fault of the parasitical health insurance companies.  They are a needless burden on the economy, an obstacle to the provision of life-enhancing and life-saving care to all of us.  They provide absolutely nothing of value; they only deprive us of our money and better access to health care.  All they do is profit themselves and disable us.

The best way to reign in health care costs and improve our health is by eliminating the parasites.  We need single-payer universal coverage now.  The irony of it is that those who say otherwise are the sickest of us all.

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