Friday, September 23, 2011

The Ponzi Conspiracy

Imagine that one day you wanted to buy a yacht.  But you didn't have a big enough bag of loot in hand at the time to raise sails.  So, you asked me for a loan, and I, having done my due diligence regarding past performance and overall reliability, found you to be the best investment option in the world for parking my loose change.  I then made a very conservative investment for a modest return, confident I would be able to sleep well as time went on.

You, however, were wide awake and itching to cruise.  The next day a "Gone Fishing" sign went up on your store front, and you were off: "Paradise Island Or Bust!"  You got paradise alright, on my dime.  And I was set-up to go bust.

You closed down the hometown operation, laid off all your workers, exported your capital to the new found party land, hired a bunch of locals at a pittance, and installed yourself as King Kahlua for life.  Back in your former homeland, things were allowed to go to seed.  Your remaining meager holdings were not growing domestic returns as they had year-in year-out in the past.  You fell to constant carping and whining about the need for relief from all your obligations.  You demanded and got a free ride from the government on taxes and standards of every kind regarding your economic dealings.  Finally, the last border of responsibility was breached when you threatened to default on repaying my loan.  You even stooped so low as to blame me for your disappointing circumstances and in-the-red financial status here in the homeland.  But I was not the one who told you to buy a yacht and set sail from all honest dealings, that was your choice.

And that is the story behind the Republican right-wing scam blaming the federal debt and deficit on Social Security.  They took the money and blew it.  Now they are conning the ignorant Tea Party crowd into supporting their conspiracy to renege on their obligations.  At least Jesse James and his gang had the decency to use guns when they robbed people.

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