Wednesday, September 7, 2011

In Appreciation

Gee, damn, but the Republicans are something to behold.  Yes, I've been watching the GOP presidential candidate circus on television tonight.  I have to admit I find myself somewhat grateful for the reality check. 

While I have been and will continue to be unstintingly critical of and angry as hell at our  sometime and almost always half-hearted friends, the Democrats, there is this difference:  the Democrats are lame, the Republicans are lunatics.

Problem is the insanity they pass off as reasoning resonates with so many today.  America seems as near to being a crazy country as it gets.  The only thing that the putative Republican front-runner, Rick Perry, didn't do to prove that point was take his brain out and hit himself  in the head with it.  Texas is literally on fire right now, but Perry hasn't noticed any evidence of climate change.  It's fair to say the insanity is exceeded only by the general ignorance.  That means you and I have a lot of work to do.  We, that is to say, union people, are the only hope the country has left.    Period.  Full stop.

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  1. While I've been enjoying the GOP traveling Wild West Show in its previous installments, I actually skipped this one. What happened? Did Rick Perry give everyone in the audience free tickets to the next execution?