Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stay In Your Seats Or Get Up And Leave

The main purpose of a financial system in a market economy is to provide a transparent, rule governed venue for safely pooling and rewarding society's aggregate savings, and then responsibly lending these funds out at a premium as investment fuel.  Prior to the current day, this system last crashed in 1929.  That disaster was brought on largely by "devil may care" laissez-faire disregard for regulation and oversight of the major monopolistic players whose greed and overreaching turned a gold mine into a copper penny shaft for most savers and investors.   One good thing to come of that catastrophe was strict governmental rule making and enforcement.

Those reforms, along with other major steps to encourage union organization and fair wages, laid the foundation for the rise of the strongest middle class in the world.  But the country came to forget the facts of history and fell victim to the propaganda of the plutocrats.  The Hollywood stage craft of the Reagan revolution created an illusory and inverted version of  the underpinnings of middle class prosperity and upward social mobility.  Now we're sitting through the second half of a horror show double feature.

But no one's heading for the candy counter; we haven't the coin for bon-bons, popcorn or cokes.  It's time we all hit the door and stepped out into the fresh air and sunshine of reality again.

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