Sunday, November 6, 2011

Crazy Numbers

Steve Jobs, whiz-kid folk hero-cum-legend, was, in the end, just a bad apple.  He was a huckster of the first order, who developed a deep and dedicated cult following.  Millions of Americans, especially young ones, became persuaded that his line of ever slicker and smarter products had forever freed them from the demands of intellectual rigor and productive effort, traditionally associated with wealth creation.  They became convinced that they could escape the burdens of real work by somehow keystroking their way to economic nirvana in the new high tech era.

The globalization mantra of equally slick politicians like Bill Clinton promoted this fallacy ferociously, and even facilitated the production of these myriad miracle devices themselves in old style sweat shops, housed on foreign soil.  Such factories are typically operated according to the strictures of exceedingly oppressive societies characterized by tiny omnipotent elites and masses of powerless and impoverished  workers ( much as we are fast becoming for believing this crap).  The Apple Computer Company produces its products in such circumstances.   click here and read the sad story of iPads made in China by Apple

Apple sells an iPad for $499.00 in this market, and pays only $9.00 for the labor to make it in China. How's that spread for a potential profit margin?  It's certainly easy to see how they've managed to stack-up almost $60 billion in Swiss bank accounts, but not so why we should allow it to be moved here tax free.  After all, just think how many hundreds of thousands of desperately needed jobs Mr. Jobs easily could have created here at those product prices, if only he had given just 2 cents about this country.

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