Friday, November 11, 2011

A Royal Mess

So, we have here made the point more than once that the Eurozone disaster follows as a consequence of being united by the euro but divided in every other way.  Maybe it is somewhat a hangover from the European monarchical legacy, but the sovereign nations of Europe remain as jealous of one another today as Madonna is of Lady Gaga. 

Hence, the way it looks from here is that they should all either go it alone completely, or learn to sing in greater harmony.  Seems the better path would be, in the words of a famous son of Europe, to "come together, right now ..."  But that clearly is not going to happen unless Christmas is celebrated in Hell this year.

Keep this in mind, though, the worst and most likely course will be to patch together a European rescue plan for the criminal banks, and tell the commoners to limp along until the pain wears off.  Here's hoping they somehow find the courage to stand up for the people and screw the banks.

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