Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Ghost Of A Chance

There is a ghost haunting the worldwide collapse of capitalism.  It is the opposite of the evil, empty spirit of unbridled greed, gluttony and abuse.

It is the enemy of today's worst international criminal enterprises -  zombie banks, rigged financial systems, and multi-national slavers corporations which operate in the Asian concentration camps and other third world labor mills.

It is the bright light of historical truth which sears the scales of phony propaganda from the eyes and exposes the vile, hollow, intellectually vapid claims and economically parasitical practices of the advocates for rapacious unregulated markets, the bullies of disenfranchised workers, and the political puppets of emasculated democratic governments.

It is Liberalism.

It is the weapon Franklin Roosevelt wielded against those he rightly called "economic royalists" in the 1930s.  It is the political and economic framework for a just and prosperous society.

It always serves in the cause of freedom for the oppressed; democratic rights and opportunities for the citizen. 

It has the muscle, power and will to rise up and stand down the worst abuse of any era.  It whipped the Nazis and Soviets, it can handle the punks and plutocrats of Wall Street and the ECB, as well as the IMF/World Bank.

It is in the streets and on the move again.  And it scares the hell out of those punkster patricians, without even having to say, Boo!

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