Tuesday, November 22, 2011

When No Is Yes

Okay, stop the hand wringing over the Stupid Committee and the clapping for Obama ... uh, excuse me, that is zerObama - he's back.

In reality, the Democrats were mildly surprising and pleasing in that they managed not to allow the Republicans to make the Stupid Committee into something even stupider than its very existence already ordained.  As we have said many times, now is precisely the wrong time to cut almost anything in federal government outlays, let alone the desperately needed social safety net programs.  And none of this revisiting of Herbert Hoover era mistakes could have happened in the first place without zerO caving in to extortion over the debt ceiling hike earlier in the year.

So, when the Prez comes out and acts tough by insisting on continuing in the wrong policy direction, his "no" is really a great big "YES" to reclaiming his former zerObama name.

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