Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Victims Victimizing Victims

Just a side thought which will not sit well with many.  Good.  I say good because I have knocked around this gritty old world long enough to have acquired some rough edged opinions, sufficiently abrasive to scrape down to the bullshit buried truth, and candid enough to piss off the weak willed and willfully blind among us.  And that's not a bad thing.  So, here goes.

The now universally viewed "pepper spray" video shows nothing but victims.  Clearly the innocent and peaceful student protesters are being victimized by heinously abusive tactics most of us are shocked to see employed in a supposedly free society.  But there also is suffering by others in events like these, not usually registered or commented upon.

The sprayers themselves are victims.

They are a comic book version of gestapo thugs, outfitted in ridiculously highly stylized Star Warish uniforms and equipment.  Awesomely and evilly ugly scary looking, they are got up so as to blot out all human identity.  And it almost works.  Then, the ponderous waddle in the walk which has worn the shoe leather down unevenly on the sides comes into notice, the bulging middle against the obligatory fat belt can be seen to test even its limits, and the simple effort required for crouching down to better aim the sinister canister at the face of a target is palpably difficult for the unfit hireling and tool of social oppression.  As hard as it is to imagine that anyone would do it, you know why they do it.  And you know they are not the ones who cause it all to come into being.  They are themselves trying to survive it by joining it.  Victims, too.  No doubt.

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