Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hop On The Bus, Gus ... Get Off The Bus, Us

We don't need to discuss much.

Here is the Obama road map and travel itinerary already in the record:

  1. He screwed us on health care reform. Messed it up royally, far beyond any hope of revival for at least another decade or two. This unforgivably happened at a time when the country was crying out for a genuine national health care approach, one that would have brought us in line with and up to the moral standards of the rest of the developed world.
  2. He squandered the opportunity to provide a substantial stimulus. The country cried out for it in response to the devastating financial collapse. He listened to carping Republicans, who insisted on a tepid, insufficient package hobbled by inefficient tax cuts, instead of direct spending. His catastrophic failure has ushered in a modern version of depression economics with no end in sight, and so lethally poisoned the well of public opinion on the subject of legitimate macroeconomics that there really is no road out of this mess anywhere on the political grid. And it is all, repeat all, his fault.
  3. He agreed to ridiculous GOP budget demands.  He surrendered on keeping  the outrageous, unfair, and deficit-exploding Bush tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires.
  4. He was panicked by the mid-term election Republican take-over of Congress. Worse, he was positively freaked by the  Teacaner take-over of the Republicans. He doubled down on depression era economics by caving in to draconian cuts, at a time when vastly increased stimulus spending was needed, and easy to do because of historically low, low, low, interest rates.
He failed to address the only deficit that really matters, the jobs deficit. But now he wants to get on a bus and come visit us, and beg to keep his job. Well, I remember the Freedom Riders of the 60s who paid with their courage and blood a brutal price to achieve a truly heroic success; I am not going to give a Free Pass to a coward and complete failure.

He's coming by to ask for a new lease on the White House. Let's have him drop off the key, and set ourselves free.

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