Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Plastic Economy

This plastic economy has nothing to do with credit cards, that's been done.  No, this new wrinkle promises to be even more punishing to the average working person than outrageous late fees and stratospheric interest rates.  I'm thinking about the latest ugly wound to the prospects of some 15 million plus unemployed people in this country.  It's the "Unemployed need not apply" jobs advertisements.

That's right, if you haven't yet heard, there is a new trend among employers with jobs to fill to accept applications only from those already employed.  So, if you're not already working, you're just not pretty enough to work for these guys.

This would be like using the medical profession not to cure deadly and debilitating illnesses, but just to help us improve our looks.  Doctors would only do the plastic bit: nose jobs, tummy tucks, boob lifts, etc.

Makes you want to give them all a workboot ass lift.

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  1. Getting back to the credit implication of the term "plastic economy", check this out.

    I have difficulty deciding what is worse, the sorry state of our rule by finance elites, or the unwillingness of our press to plainly point out when our finance elites are clearly lying to our faces.

    Greenspan either has no clue about the history of his own celebrated tenure at the Fed or he knows he can just create his own version of that history and it will be duly recorded by the scribes.