Thursday, August 18, 2011

zerObama ... or why I zero in on Obama

Some of my friends, yes, I have friends, are always asking me to lighten up on President Obama.  They say it's enough that the right is always on his back, the left should not pile on.

Well, I'm tackling him for completely different reasons than the right, so it's not a pile on.

Much of the right wing is so benighted as to go after Barack Obama simply because he has an unusual, funny sounding name, and, to them, doesn't exactly look like a president, if you get my meaning.

On the other hand, with a name like Alfred, who am I to say something about Barack.  And as for the rest of the right wing nonsense, he looks just fine to me.

I only wish he would pin his ears back and fight like a true Democrat for a change. 

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