Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Principal Hoax

Fats went on ... "Then comes Tuesday. Oh, hard Tuesday. Got no time. Got no time to play." So, with no time to play, let's get right to the hard facts.

One clear fact, long ago stated, is that politics is just another form of warfare. This reflects the underlying truth that society is comprised of competing interests. Opposing interests are expected to be represented by opposing political sides, not just mutual partners in governing. Mature citizens and politicians understand this, so even though it is too late by far to salvage anything useful from it, the President needs to grow-up.

His opposite numbers are fully grown. They realize that the only legitimate concern in war is to make sure your side wins. As the devilish details come out, their victory, and the means of achieving it, become clearer.

We read, for instance, this morning in The Times-Picayune that the Social Security tax break for working people will indeed expire by years end. The Republicans, of course, failed to oppose this, as they so vociferously did the expiration of tax breaks for the wealthy and the plutocrats.

Whoa! What happened to their principled opposition to all tax increases? The answer is that in governing, as the Republicans full well know, the principal hoax is to feign fealty to immutable principles.

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