Wednesday, August 3, 2011


On hump day, I'm sure with unintended irony, Mr. Antoine "Fats" Domino sang out, "Then comes Wednesday, I'm beat to my socks. My girl calls, got  to tell her that I'm out."

Hmph, even though the Republican/Teacan double team had beaten the socks off of him, the next day zerObama was out taking a barefoot victory lap. Worse, he and the other Democrat losers were trash-talking about a rematch, scheduled for the end of the year. That's when the big number, the 1.5 trillion in cuts will be decided upon. I say cuts because you and I both know the enemy is not about to give in on revenues, not now, maybe not ever, thanks to the scrub squad we have fielded against them.

And, in addition to having a much tougher team than we do, the Republican/Teacans have a far smarter game plan. They have set up their red zone strategy perfectly. When the big number comes due, the Social Security tax break and extended unemployment benefits are set to expire.

Now, calling the action from the booth, I'd say you can look for the enemy to engage in classic misdirection by happily agreeing to extend the Social Security tax break, because it both comports with their overall position on taxes and clearly weakens the fiscal strength of a program they hate, and to fight like hell to push the ball over the line on ending extended unemployment benefits as a trade-off, so as to realize "deficit reduction." Score another touchdown for the enemy.

If they beat him out of much more of his clothes, I really don't want to see zerObama run another victory lap.

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