Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tiger Roars at ALEC Summit and Protest - New Orleans

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a very dangerous sham organization.

It claims to be a public policy body supported by public officials (i.e. state legislators). In reality it is only 1% funded by the "dues" these benighted, right wing, local yokel pols kick in. The 99% balance of its operating expenses is supplied by the likes of the well known, fascistic  Koch Kook brothers, and other anti-American middle class and poor people plutocrats.

After a decade or more of operating far below the radar screen of the corporate owned mainstream media, it has managed to build a membership of over a thousand state legislators around the country. This, courtesy of at least some 370 million dollars of funding, which can be accounted for; surely twice that much or more has greased this oily machine.

Here are just some of ALEC's public policy credits:

  • The Wisconsin public employees anti-union debacle, which lead to the recall effort aimed at 8 legislators, and is scheduled for a vote this coming Tuesday, August 9th. Please see video of Tiger Hammond and others at:
  • Advancing Banking legislation to require seniors to lose their homes via reverse mortgages, in order to receive Medicaid.
  • Protecting Drug Company profits by banning states from allowing the importation of identical, safe, and far cheaper drugs from other countries like Canada.
  • Protecting Oil Company profits from any renewable energy legislative actions. 
  • Protecting High Tech service providers by banning Municipal  Broadband Service.
  • Protecting companies from accountablity for killer asbestos exposure disease and disability.
The list of these plutocrat agenda items goes on and on. Just to make sure you know how much the septic tank is overflowing, this outfit enjoys a tax free status, as some sort of perversely regarded non-partisan public policy entity. And you wonder why there is a budget deficit, or think it is because of the "Welfare State." You must be kidding!

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