Thursday, August 4, 2011

This Is Politics

Four days into it, Fats was still wailing the workman blues, "Because Thursday's a hard working day ..."

Well, like Fats, I've got the blues.  I've got the blues, alright, the zerObama blues.  Been wailing about it all week, and not about to stop.

We surely need someone to help us give him the blues right back. I'm working hard to figure out who.  Too bad Kennedy isn't around to give him his Carter treatment.  Although dead Irishmen used to remain chronic voters in New Orleans, even here they usually didn't stand for election.

In an earlier post I  made a call for Hillary.  But I know she could not credibly run this time, having surrendered her New York base and Senate seat to work for zerObama.  She was angling to run next time. It seemed like a plausible course.

But just think, if she had stayed in the Senate she might now be a hero instead of a sub-zerO.  She could have opposed his foolish debt ceiling cave in.  She might even have saved us from this built-in disaster of guaranteed additional years of depression economics, with the likely crippling or worse of Social Security and Medicare.

She had a chance to be the first ever candidate to successfully challenge a sitting president of their own party, and then go on to win the general election.  And, of course, she would have been the first she president.

Now, it is all gone.  Now, it would be crass and callous, an act of existential betrayal.  Now, it couldn't possibly succeed.

Wait a minute, this is politics.  HILLARY 2012.

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