Monday, December 19, 2011

Barnum Meets Bailey

Send in the clowns, again.  That's the call from John Boehner to Harry Reid, anyway.  In the previous post we described the absurdity of crafting a tax policy - any tax policy - with a two month expiration date.  As of last Friday, just such a silly policy had been agreed upon among John Boehner, Harry Reid, and the U.S. Senate (by a vote of 89-10).   But the wild animals in the House rebelled this weekend, and refused to perform to the whistle and whip of Mr. Boehner.  Now, he is calling for Ring Master Reid in the other tent to bring the clowns back for an encore.

Problem is the the other tent folded and left town for the holidays, after voting in favor of the absurd.  Now, clowns like Senator Schumer of New York and other red noses are threatening not to return for an extended engagement, so as to make the point that Boehner and his Animal House Republicans are unfit to govern.  Oh, well.  Or rather, Orwell.

Next post I'm thinking of taking on a couple of more enlightening topics:  Punk Rock and Tatts.  If it happens, it will be an evening show, no matinees.  You're all invited.

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