Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What's Today?

You know what today is, right?  Perhaps not, and if not, then FDR really did get something wrong after all.  That should make all the Republican right wing crazies happy, in more ways than one.  But it should shock and awe the rest of us.  It should tell us something riveting about the ultimate tragedy of war.

This day has not lived even in mere memory for most, let alone in infamy.  Several decades ago, there was a survey conducted by Gallop or one of the other reliable firms in the social research business regarding the recollection of WW II by the American people.  Most could not even name the combatants, let alone tell which side each was fighting on.  So, let's all remember Pearl Harbor, right?

Well, right, in fact.  Some wars just have to be fought.  And some, like WW II  really do stop god-awful evil from conquering the world.  But remember this, too,  some days the "others" are with the terrorists and not us, but shortly after are our buddies so that we can buy their oil and they our wheat.

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