Friday, December 16, 2011

Can't Argue With Success

Republicans are on a roll.  They are headed for a clean sweep.  Think not?  Argue with this.

They can and do openly carry guns to political rallies where elected officials are sometimes shot in the head. Right-wing militarized political parties are on the rise across Europe. 

The ten year Bush billionaire tax break broke the federal budget, squandered the Clinton era surplus,  now endangers Social Security and Medicare, but was extended unchanged and made all but permanent. 

The one year middle class payroll tax relief, however, will likely see only a two month extension.  And then its continuance certainly will be used as a cudgel to pound the average working stiff down ever more to a state of permanent penury.  After all, if child labor laws, as Newt says,  are subject to repeal, what is off limits, what is sacred, what is beyond, and what is above the crass, craven idolatry and worship of money and power for these bastards?

And speaking of permanent, let's not forget the twisted justice system, which after years of scathing criticism on this class besotted and bigoted score, still allows suburban cocaine users and traders to get rehab or early release, but makes sure that those who do or deal crack in the hood disappear for good.

Finally, as we mentioned yesterday, almost one-half of the country is now living in poverty, and more are moving in with relatives every day.

Mission accomplished.

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