Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Rotten Apple ... But He Has A Core

Alright, if you're tired of endlessly hearing that (Williard) Mitt Romney has no core, you're in luck because I don't buy it.  Oh, to be sure, he has been on every side of every political issue you can name.  But, hey, this is politics.  He just keeps trying to go where the votes are.  At least up to a point.

Yes, he is a crass opportunist; he would deny his own name if he thought it a political liability (he does), drive to Canada - rich as he is - with the family dog caged and strapped to the roof of the car to save a buck (he did), reverse his position completely on gay rights, health care, and a woman's right to choose (he has), and might even sell his own mother for all I know (hey, I'm just making a point here).  So he surely is a rotten apple.  But he has not chosen to do the one thing he could have done to sew up this nomination a long time ago.  You know what it is, don't you?  Yeah, come on admit it, you know.

Okay, a little help.  It was alluded to in the earlier post, Simple Cainianity.  Turns out the Republican/Teacan base is most particularly and peculiarly focused on  Romney's religion.  That is the one standout characteristic they cite about him when polled.  This focus by the base of that party bespeaks obvious bigotry, it is not simply some casual awareness or curiosity.   And Newt's campaign went there in a very dirty, intentional and premeditated way today.  I know that the flunky functionary who made the public play was supposedly "forced" to step down from the campaign, but anyone who thinks that all of this was anything but choreographed, can't spell politics.  I would be shocked if the so-called step down for this ass isn't actually a promotion of one type or another in the public money lobby/shakedown machine that is Newt Gingrich nowadays.

My point in all of this, though, is that Romney has to have long known his party's hard core base is comprised of raw boned bigots on this as well as many other matters.  That bigotry, no doubt, is what stopped him from getting the nomination four years ago.  If he had wanted above all else in this world to get the nomination this time, he could have flipped his religious faith over to one Christian sect or another during the electoral interim.  That flip would not have flopped, not with that crowd.  So, there is a real person struggling to maintain a consistent core identity within Mitt Romney after all.  And that is more than can be said for Newt, with him all you get it the rot.  Can I get an Amen?

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